JARAᵀᴹ is a trend-driven one-stop online destination for your fashion needs. It is a stylist’s haven with a wide assortment of retro-chic fashion jewellery & accessories to spoil our customers for choice. With an aim of 'delivering fashion at guilt-free prices', we do not believe in fashion seasons. So we keep refreshing our catalog regularly to reflect the latest happenings in the world of stylish accessorizing and bring you the most unique and exquisite of them at your doorstep at an affordable price. At JARAᵀᴹ, we have a simple mantra to follow - ‘It is only worth selling, if we love it enough to wear it’! We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much we enjoy building this experience for you!

The name JARAᵀᴹ is derived from the name of a flower in Spanish that can withstand and survive a long summer drought as well as an extensive chilly winter. Interestingly, it is also an acronym of the store founder’s name - JAyita RAy chaudhuri. She is a self-taught entrepreneur who loves to tread in her father’s path and finds her passion in doing business.

Coming soon @JARAᵀᴹ - a collection of fantastic home decor! Stay tuned!